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    30 Day Business Account

    We offer a 30 Day Business Account to business clients who request multiple recordings in a month. The 30 Day Business Account allows you to book your audio recordings NOW and pay later.


    If you are eligible for a 30 Day Business Account you will have access to some of our great benefits like:

    • Buy now, Pay later - 30 days from date of invoice.
    • Access to our Wholesale Rates (on Radio/TV and Telephone recordings)
    • Discounts for 10 or more voiceovers ordered in a month
    • Faster turn-around
    • Priority Service


    To be eligible for a 30 Day Business Account you'll need to ensure you can say 'YES' to the following:

    • Are you a Media Outlet, Telephone Provider or any other type of business that requires regular voiceovers?
    • Do you have a valid ABN number?
    • Do you have good credit history?

    YES?....Then simply fill in the online application and we will be in touch!

    Apply for a 30 Day Business Account