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    IVR Prompts – Auto Attendant, Voicemails and After Hours Messages

    How are your customers greeted when they call into your business?

    Having professionally recorded messages greet your callers creates an image that represents your business, adding confidence and insurance that your customer is dealing with the right company.

    Have a listen to some of our latest ivr prompts, voicemails, after hours messages and auto attendant messages.

    IVR Prompts

    Client: Optus

    National Telco wanted a professional announcement message when callers first ring through to their business. Female voice talent 3 was book in for the recording session.

    Client: Talk Up Communications

    Female 12 was recorded for this auto attendant voip message.

    Client: Super Geek

    Super Geek wanted a fun, friendly introduction message to alert their callers that they maybe recorded for training and quality purposes. Female voice talent 1 was chosen for the recording.

    Client: Select Protect

    Female voice artist 1 was chosen for this ivr prompt recording.