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    Radio Commercials

    Corporate Sound are the experts when it comes to recording voiceovers and full mixing of radio commercials.

    Listen to just some of our recent radio productions below:

    Radio Productions

    Client: Village Cinemas

    Male 18 was booked in and recorded this promo for 2012's animation blockbuster "Frankenweenie". Music and SFX added the feel of the "spooky" scene.

    Client: Red Grasshoper

    Male 10 voiced this radio commercial with the help of our creative and production department. The audio engineers used some interesting SFX to complete the commercial.

    strong>Client: Kiss Kiss Kiss Costumes

    Male 7 used his best Dracula voice and Female 4 helped set this 'spooky' theme for Kiss Kiss Kiss costume hire. Music and SFX added to the Dracula theme radio commercial production.

    Client: Radio Station Promotion

    Male 2 was used to make this radio station promo that really stands out from their regular commercials.


    oxfamCorporate Sound recorded male voice talent 18 for this radio station promotion for the blockbuster movie "Frankenweenie". Sound effects and music was added to highlight the different sections of the audio production mix.