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    Voice Overs & Audio Productions

    Corporate Sound specialising in high quality voice recordings for all types of media delivered around the world. Our audio engineers are the best in the industry and take pride in each and every audio production recording they take on.

    Recorded voiceovers and audio production can be completed for:

    • Television Commercials
    • Radio Commercials
    • Online Videos
    • Real Estate Videos
    • Corporate Narrations
    • Radio Imaging
    • Messages On Hold
    • Music On Hold
    • E-learning Projects
    • IVR Prompts

    Voice Overs can be recorded, edited, mixed, translated in a variety of different languages.

    Voice Over Montage

    This is a small montage of some voiceovers we record in our studios for various television and DVD presentations.

    We offer very fast turnaround with 90% of large projects completed same day
    and smaller recording's can be done within an hour.